From 30kW to 1mW

Produce heat and power from waste materials

Anything from horse manure to waste wood can be used to produce heat and electricity in a gasifier from OMNI Heat & Power

Utilise a waste stream for energy production

With the potential to save €000s in costs for waste disposal as well as energy costs choose a gasifier from OMNI Heat & Power

Established Product with installations across Europe

With several installations across Europe running on a range of waste materials we can arrange site visits at your convenience

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How it works

A gasifier from OMNI Heat & Power works by turning solid fuels into a gas called syngas through a process called gasification. 

This syngas is then filtered through a series of processes before being used in a combined heat and power engine (CHP).

The CHP produces both heat and power, the heat can be used to replace existing heat requirements whilst the electricity generation can be used to offset existing electricity consumption, with any excess being sold and exported to the national grid.