Combined Heat & Power

Electricity for the price of gas

A combined heat and power engine will produce electricity at the same time as your heating, this means significant savings on energy costs

Multi-fuel options available

OMNI Heat & Power provide CHP engines which operate on a number of different fuels. Including Natural Gas, LPG, Biodiesel and CNG.

Product Testing

Each and every Combined Heat & Power engine from OMNI Heat & Power undergoes  thorough testing to ensure it is ready for delivery

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) engines

OMNI Heat & Power have supplied numerous CHP engines for a range of different applications. 

Any commercial application that has a requirement for large amounts of both heat and power, a CHP can provide significant costs savings for energy use. 

By generating electricity on site for your own consumption, this ensures any issues related to security of supply, power cuts or voltage drop from the grid are resolved.