Steam from Biomass

Biomass Steam Generator

OMNI Heat & Power are one of the few suppliers of biomass equiptment in Ireland than can provide a steam generator solution from biomass. 

A steam boiler or steam generator is a boiler used to create steam in a range of industrial processes. 

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Applications for Biomass Steam Boilers

Direct Heating

In a steam direct heating applications, steam is injected directly into the substance or material that is to be heated. This application for steam is common in the pharmaceutical or food and beverages industries. Steam of high purity is essential in this applications. 

Indirect Heating 

Indirect heating using steam makes use of heat exchangers where the product or material to be heated does not come into direct phical contact with the steam. This is for applications that require the high temperatures associated with steam, but do not want direct contact with the steam. These applications are typical in heating qpplications such as cooking, jacketed vessels, plate or shell and tube type heat exchangers. 


In applications that require steam for another combustion process, OMNI Heat & Power can provide steam boilers to provide steam for atomization to ensure better combustion in your burners.

Power Generation

Steam from biomass can be used for power production through the use of a steam turbine or organic rankine cycle generator. This gives the ablility to provide combined heat and power for industrial heating and power users. 


In many applications, maintaining a control humidity level is crucial. Humidy lower than desired levels might lead to advese effects of humans, machines and materials. A steam boiler from OMNI Heat & Power can be utilised for the purpose of humidification for all applications. 

Drying using Steam

Convential dryers apply heat to wet material to evaporate the moisture. However using steam for drying applications has very high efficiency, safety and high quality of final product. It works by applying superheated steam to the product to be dried and evaporates any moisture in the product, this mositure is recurculated with the steam to ensure no emissions to the atmosphere due to the closed loop design. Using steam for drying can achieve close to 99.9% dry solids. This process also steralises the material whilst drying due to the high temperatures. By using this type of sytem for drying 95% of the drying energy can be recovered and used in other applications such as process heating, or even power production.