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Details of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH)

Details of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat have been released in December 2017 following receiving government approval.

The scheme is designed to support the replacement of traditional fossil fuel heating systems for commercial, industrial, agricultural and other non-domestic heat requirements with renewable alternatives. 

Ireland has a target of 12% of energy consumed in the heat sector to be from renewable sources under the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive. In December 2017 Ireland only has 6.8% of energy consumed in the heat sector from renewable sources. 

A €7million budget has been allocated for 2018 to fund the first phase of the scheme. 

The scheme consists of two types of support mechanisms. 

  1. Ongoing operational support for new installations or newly converted installations using biomass or anaerobic digestion systems over a 15 year period. 
  2. Up to 30% grant towards the cost of installing heat pumps, including. Ground Source, Air Source and Water Source Heat Pumps. 

The ongoing support for biomass and anaerobic digestion will be paid on a tariff per kilowatt hour of renewable energy produced. 

This tariff will reduce as the output increases, this is to reflect the economies of scale of larger biomass or anaerobic digestion systems. 

The scheme is split into six tiers, details of which are detailed here