Cooking with Biomass

Thermal Oil Biomass Boiler

A Biomass boiler can be used to create high temperatures using thermal oil as a transfer medium. This comes with several benefit vs steam for indirect heating applications such as cooking. Contact us or request a call back to find out more how a thermal oil boiler could help your business. 

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Industrial cooking ovens using biomass

An appropriately specified biomass boiler from OMNI Heat & Power using thermal oil and an industrial thermal oil oven can transfrom your business from relying on expensive fossil fuel fired gas systems to a clean and renewable biomass operation. 

Why switch to biomass for cooking

By using a biomass thermal oil boiler removes your reliance on fossil fuels as well as potentially being eligible for the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) in Ireland or the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in the UK. 

Cost saving from using themal oil biomass boiler

Biomass fuel that is used to fire the boiler is a low cost alternative to traditional LPG or Gas typically used for cooking applications. Also by have a central heat source, rather than multiple burners cooking with a biomass thermal oil boiler is much more efficient reducing fuel requirements. 

Thermal Oil Ovens

OMNI Heat & Power can provide a range of ovens using thermal oil all of which are from trusted established manufactures of industrial cooking solutions. Thermal oil ovens are robust, reliable, user friendley and extermly efficient in terms of energy consumption. The gentle heat provided by a thermal oil over, allows for very precise control of the temperatures inside the oven and the cooking requirements. A range of options are available including rack ovens, deck ovens and tunnel ovens ensuring a solution is available for every requirement. 

Not just cooking

By installing a biomass thermal oil boiler for use in thermal oil boilers, the same boiler can also be used for other applications such as steam generation, power production or just space heating around the factory and offices.