Biomass Delivery and Storage

Pellet or Chip?

Depending on the biomass fuel used there are different options on how to take delivery and store fuel for a biomass boiler. 

Wood Chip

Wood chip is the cheapest fuel for a fully automated biomass boiler installation. Handling wood chip is easy with the right equipment

Walking Floor Delivery

Biomass wood chip fuel is usually delivered by the 90m3 - 110m3 load using a lorry with a walking floor.

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Tele Handler

If you have access to a telehandler, it is possible to take delivery of wood chip and load the chip into a fuel store or hopper. From here the biomass boiler will automatically take fuel as and when it is needed. 

Fast Loader

If you do not have access to a telehandler, or want a more trouble-free solution. Using a fast loader the lorry can tip the biomass fuel straight into the hopper. Then through a series of augers, the fuel will be moved to the hopper or fuel store ready for use by the boiler. 

Wood Pellets

Biomass pellets are a manufactured biomass fuel and have a much higher energy content relative to volume. This means less space is required to store the fuel, this makes it a more suitable solution for where space is limited. They can be stored in indoor or outdoor hoppers or in 10-15kg bags and manually loaded into a small 'day hopper' on the boiler. 

Blown Delivery

Another alternative which is suitable for both chip and pellets , is to have the fuel blown into a fuel store. This usually comes in a smaller load and required specialist delivery so can be more costly than a traditional walking floor delivery. 

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